Edmunds brothers make NFL history as they face each other on Sunday Night Football

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — From little league, to college and now in the NFL, Tremaine, Terrell and Trey Edmunds have been linked. So it’s no surprise the three will make history becoming the first trio of brothers to play in the same NFL game in 92 years. 

“It’s like a dream come true,” Tremaine Edmunds said.

It’s the first time the three faced each other in a game ever. Growing up, they were usually on the same team. Even in college, they all went to Virginia Tech and were teammates there in 2016. 

But now Tremaine is with the Bills as Trey and Terrell are with Pittsburgh so this is yet another special moment they get to share together that probably comes with a little bit of trash talk. 

“If we beat them, when we beat them it will be fun. I can talk about it all Christmas and all New Year’s and all the family events coming up,” Terrell Edmunds laughed. 

All joking aside, these three are very close and have influenced each other’s football careers. So it was only fitting Tremaine and Terrell got to share their NFL draft experiences together.

Tremaine reflected on draft night in 2018: 

“So I was upstairs doing interviews and I had my agent with me and they informed me like the Steelers just called your brother they’re about to take him. So I asked him for a second like could you all excuse me for a minute because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity,” Tremaine explained. 

The Bills selected Tremaine 16th overall that year then before the round was over, Terrell went 28th overall to the Steelers. 

“I couldn’t even really talk about it I’m like man this really just happened,” Tremaine said. 

Now we’ll see which brother or brothers get bragging rights as they meet up after the game. 

“We’ll probably do a three-way jersey swap,” Trey laughed.

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