Shopping Local for That Special Someone

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With Christmas just around the corner, you might be wondering what to get that special someone. Whether it is a ring, bracelet or earrings, Morris Jewelry has just the thing you need. They have been giving the gift of love since 1881 in Bowling Green. Generations of women can come into the store, and it takes them back to the moment when they said “yes”. 

Sales associate, Jim Sears says “We’ll have grandma, great-grandma, mom and daughter here in the store all at the same time and every one of them got their engagement ring here.” 

Having antique memorabilia throughout the store, from their original cash register from 1910 to all of the original cases from 1881, the store is a historical representation of Bowling Green. 

The key to the store’s long success is always keeping it local. Through its history, Morris Jewelry has always been locally owned. Beginning with Frank Meir in 1881, he opened the store in Bowling Green at the end of the Victorian era, originally naming it Frank Maier Jewelry. The name wasn’t changed to Morris Jewelry until 1910 when Maier sold the store to his son-in-law Robert L. Morris. While the store was sold to various families throughout the decade, Jim and Samantha Steen own the jewelry store today. Their son, Dallas Miles, currently works under his father and says, “My dad worked on the bench for a while here, he and mom are both owners now of the store so he used to work here doing what I did and um I’m taking it up now.” 

All of the diamonds are hand-picked by the owner and shipped from Europe. Offering various cuts, and karats, Miles says he needed a little help when it was time to pop the question to his wife.

“Mom and dad helped me pick it out so it was pretty easy on my part. She came through and looked at a few different ones, but there was one that she liked, so mom was able to help me out with that one and kind of point me in the right direction.”

Being around for more than a hundred years, Morris Jewelry provides more to the town than rings and earrings. 

Sears says “We’re kind of the ambassador to the city. Because they’ll come in here and we’ll give them a history of the city, give them a history of the square and tell them all the other great opportunities to shop locally in Bowling Green.”