Detox January: Recharging Your Body for the New Year

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Some of us may over-indulge on adult beverages during the holidays.

That’s why the temptation to start the New Year off on the right foot has been growing in popularity for years now, especially when it comes to dropping unwanted pounds. Many are pledging to ditch alcohol during the month of January.

“So if you are a man if you are drinking more than two drinks a day or you’re a woman more than one drink a day that alcohol can be harmful in many ways. The first is it is just a caloric source so that one drink would be equal to over 100 calories sometimes closer to 200 calories. If you add that up over a week you are starting to gain weight quickly,”  Dr. Craig McClain Associate Vice President for Health Affairs Research at the University of Louisville said. 

There are also a number of other health benefits.

“Well a lot of people just feel healthier if they are not drinking heavily so their mind is clearer they are kind of less in a fog and if you are really drinking too heavily and patients that I see with alcoholic liver disease are often drinking 15 drinks a day that’s a lot of alcohol and that can clearly damage your liver,” Dr. McClain said. 

And in social situations health experts suggest substituting a regular gin and tonic for just some tonic.

In most cases no one will know if you are drinking or not and you’ll thank yourself later as you begin to pay more attention to your overall health.

“You are not just looking at alcohol you are looking at going to the gym if you haven’t been doing that. Clearly every time I go to the gym in January it’s very busy the important thing is to keep it busy in June or July too. So you are trying to set new lifestyle changes but adhere to those over the whole year,” Dr. McClain said. 

Health experts also recommend if you are hosting party it’s also a good idea to keep non-alcoholic beverages on hand for guests so they have something to pick and choose from.