Gov. Andy Beshear Reveals New Information about Proposed 2017 Pension Reform

FRANKFORT, Ky. – In another big move since Matt Bevin left office, newly-elected Gov. Andy Beshear is releasing previously secret documents about the proposed 2017 pension reform.

Then-Gov. Bevin said the proposed plan would be good for Kentuckians, but analysis commissioned by the former administration shows the proposed reforms costing the state retirement systems more– and negatively affecting the retirements of educators and public employees–compared to the existing reforms made in 2013.

Gov. Beshear published the documents in a press release Friday afternoon. 

“The proposed 2017 reforms would have cost the state more and forced out many more career employees,” said Beshear. “If we are truly going to solve the problems we face as a commonwealth, we must work together in an honest and open way.”

In 2018, the Attorney General’s Office found that the Bevin administration was violating the open records act in withholding the analysis. The Bevin administration appealed that ruling, it had been in appeals court until today.

The press release also said Gov. Beshear is requiring all state agencies to accept requests for public records via email, eliminating the need for a printer or fax, though Kentuckians can still request records in person, through fax or by mail.

Kentuckians can also email open records requests for his office to Faxed requests can be sent to 502-564-6858. Send mailed requests to Attn: Records Custodian, 700 Capitol Ave., Suite 100, Frankfort, Ky. 40601.