Kentucky Education Commissioner Lewis Out of a Job

FRANKFORT, Ky. – The newly appointed Kentucky Board of Education was sworn in and met Thursday to discuss the future of Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis. 

Lewis submitted his resignation to the newly-formed board on Thursday afternoon.

This comes after Governor Andy Beshear issued an Executive Order Tuesday replacing every member of the board.

Former members filed a lawsuit to stop the new board members from meeting Thursday, but a judge ruled they could meet. The suit moved to the Kentucky Supreme Court which denied the former Board of Education’s injunction, so the new board meeting continued as planned.

Later on Thursday, the new board unanimously voted to accept Lewis’ resignation. New members also acknowledged that they didn’t have “just cause” to fire Lewis.  

Lewis will leave the position with 120 days salary and health benefits.

Kevin Brown was named Interim Education Commissioner. He will receive Lewis’ $200,000 yearly salary.