A Community Affair: Christmas Dinner in Radcliff

RADCLIFF, Ky. – Plenty of food, smiles, and toys will the fill the Colvin Comunity Center Christmas Day.

You feel the warmth as soon as walk through the door and if you time out your visit just right you might have even caught a glimpse of Ol’ Saint Nick himself.

For the fourth consecutive year organizer and city councilwoman Tanya Seabrooks is making sure no one has do without on this holiday.

A free meal no questions asked no matter what your circumstance might be.

“We have the best meal ever and it’s because it’s comprised of different types of food from the traditional Christmas meal of course the turkey, the ham, the rolls, the potatoes, green beans macaroni and cheese and the dressing. But you also have people from other cultures who bring in other foods too that are important to them and their cultures so it’s a wide variety. We have different types of desserts and of course we have a plethora of jucics and water so we are pretty good there,” Seabrooks said. 

And everything from the food to the toys are donated.

Every child who walks through the door will leave with a little something to make them smile.

“It takes a village to just encompass a person you never know what your neighbor might be going through. Life happens all the time but knowing that you have a community that’s here to love on you I think that matters more than anything,” Seabrooks said. 

This year’s Christmas dinner takes place from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the Colvin Community Center at 230 Freedoms Way in Radcliff, Kentucky.