Andy Beshear Inauguration Parades through Frankfort

FRANKFORT, Ky. – It hasn’t been long since a Beshear held Kentucky’s highest office.

On Tuesday it was, “Governor Beshear,” once more. The democrat Andy Beshear was sworn in during a public ceremony on the capitol steps.  His father, Steve Beshear served as governor from 2007 until 2015 preceeding businessman Matt Bevin. 

An inaugural parade was a highlight of Tuesday’s festivities as hundreds of students, politicians and dignitaries marched and rolled down Capitol Avenue.

Students from across the state participated including Melissa Hillard’s son, “My son said I am so proud of my state and so proud that we get to march for McLean County and be represented here this morning.”

Teachers were not hard to find in Frankfort as educators made up a big contigent of Gov. Beshear’s campaign supporters.

“I’m glad we’ve beat a Republican both times with a Beshear,” Jeff Meadows of Harrodsburg told Spectrum News 1. Now that Governor Beshear has Kentucky’s top job Kumar Rashad says he and other educators will keep the momentum going.

“I think it’s just as simple as reminding them what happened to Bevin can happen to anyone who doesn’t represent us,” Rashad said.