Chilly Kick-Off to November

Yesterday’s cold front is long gone, but it allowed for MUCH COLDER air to filter into KY.  Temps this morning ranged anywhere from 25 – 35 degrees colder than yesterday morning with widespread sub-freezing temps.  Each morning through Sunday will be near or just below freezing….so, you’ll need to continue cranking that heat.  Thankfully, High pressure has control and lots of sunshine can be expected today…helping a bit with the chilly temps.  However, afternoon highs will be 10-15 degrees below average today with upper 40s & low 50s expected.  This pattern will follow us through Sunday as a reinforcing cold front will cross on Saturday…keeping our temps cooler than average.  

Next week, temps do climb back closer to average with low 60s expected by Tuesday.  However, another cold front will move in on Tuesday (with a reinforcing cold front Wednesday)…bringing more chilly weather to our area by the end of next week…stay tuned.  

As for rain, high chances are not in the 7 day forecast at this time. We’ll continue to monitor things and keep you posted. 

**Set your clocks back 1 hour before bed on Saturday night.  Daylight Saving Time ends at 2AM on Sunday morning.  Enjoy that extra hour of sleep!**