KY Congressmen Maintain Opinions 16 Witnesses and 6 Public Hearings Later

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A few weeks ago Republican Congressman Brett Guthrie and Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth told Spectrum News where they stood on impeaching President Donald Trump.

Sixteen witnesses and six public hearings later, their opinions haven’t changed.

“I think if anyone wants to understand this impeachment and how it should go, listen to Joanathan Turley’s testimony,” said Guthrie Thursday. 

Turley was one of four constitutional scholars that testified before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday. The George Washington professor argued Democrats haven’t produced sufficient evidence to impeach the President.

“I’ve been privy to some polling that’s been done among swing voters who said that overwhelmingly the people in swing districts believe that Republicans are acting out of pure partisan considerations and that Democrats are acting responsibly,” said Yarmuth.

Guthrie says Democrats have moved too fast in the impeachment inquiry and should wait for the courts to determine the extent of the president’s executive privilege.

“Why don’t we wait for the courts to decide,” he asked. 

Yarmuth says Democrats are convinced impeaching Trump is the only way to hold on to democracy.

“I think the Senate will not convict him but we have a constitutional responsibility. We swear an oath as do the Senators as well to preserve and protect the constitution of the United States. That’s what we are doing. That’s all we can do and the political consequences will have to play out for themselves,” said Yarmuth.

The unchanged views of Guthrie and Yarmuth reflect the sentiments of the public. Most polling suggests there’s been little movement among every day Americans.