Neighborhood Deer Complaints Part Of Larger Trend

LOUISVILLE, Ky –  Whitetail deer have been providing food for North Americans since long before the first European settlers. But, as cities like Louisville expand and predators remain on the outside, herds have been growing, blending habitat with homestead.

State biologist Bryan Cobban says more than 1,100 deer were harvested from Jefferson County in 2018 alone. That’s part of a growing herd that weaves in and out of high-density neighborhoods. As for who’s at fault? Cobban says it’s all parties involved.

“On the edges of the urban environment we’re definitely encroaching every time a new farm is developed, or a new property or business park,” Cobban said as we sat in his field office. “But also those deer have started encroaching back in on unused space, natural space that they were able to find food and shelter in.”

If you’re concerned about deer coming close to your home, Cobban says high fences, repellent spray, and controlled hunting are all possibilities, with hunting obviously being a tough task in most urban areas. Or, enjoy nature in your backyard.