Gold Bar Found in Louisville Red Kettle is Fake

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A week ago on December 16, the Salvation Army thought it received a big boost to its lagging donations in the form of a gold bar.

A one-ounce gold bar, estimated at $1,500, was found in a kettle at the Prospect, Kentucky Kroger. For the last three years, the Salvation Army has received one-ounce gold coins. 

They had never seen anything like this before they took the bar to a numismatist who has confirmed previous gold and silver donations. The bar is a total fake. The Salvation Army counts all of the red kettles each night and when they found the gold bar the had no clue it wasn’t real but wanted to make sure to thank the donor as quickly as possible which is why they shared pictures with the media.

Area Commander, Major Roy Williams said, “Certainly, this was a huge disappointment, not just for us but for the men, women, and children that would’ve been helped by this donation. After all, this campaign is about the people we serve, thousands each year who depend on hot meals, safe shelter and a chance to regain their hope and dignity when they no longer have it. But we have one more day left to ring the bells and will continue to meet the needs of those who come through our doors now and into the coming New Year.”

During this Red Kettle campaign the Salvation Army also received a half-ounce gold coin, a one-ounce silver coin and a 1/20th ounce gold coin. All of these coins were real. This year’s ringing season is only 22 days long, much shorter than previous years. The campaign ends tomorrow and is still $25,000 short of its goal.

All the coins in this picture were real. Only the bar was counterfeit

You can help by donating at a Red Kettle at more than 80 locations around metro Louisville through December 24. You can also donate online. 

The Salvation Army has been helping people for more than 135 years.