No Limb To Spare For Creative Christmas Tree Dealer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – On just one busy Louisville Christmas tree lot, the owner is going through up to 300 evergreens each week, right up until Christmas Eve. And, buying a real tree not only helps avoid waste, the many uses you can get from it are a winter wonder.

“Fish” Engle, owner of “Great Fraser Fir,” has been going steady at that 300-tree-a-week pace despite Monday’s downpour. In addition to the trees, trimmings are used to make wreaths, branches become reindeer, and any unsold conifers will be turned into mulch for a nearby church. Engle said there’s just something special about finding your tree.

“It’s a pastime, [a] family tradition.,” he said. “Everybody gets together to pick out a tree.”

Many municipalities offer free tree pickup after the holidays. As for Engle, he says as soon as Christmas is over he trades his Santa hat in for a life jacket, as a rafting guide back home in eastern Tennessee.