Rep. John Yarmuth Files for Re-Election

LOUISVILLE, KY – Kentucky’s lone Congressional Democrat filed for re-election Tuesday. The Congressman, representing Kentucky’s 3rd district, John Yarmuth, began serving Jefferson County in 2007. If elected, this would be his seventh term.

“There are a lot of very critical decisions being made as to the future of the country,” Yarmuth said Tuesday. “I want to be a part of those decisions and those discussions. I also would like to serve with another Democratic President.” 

After filing, he took time to discuss the ongoing impeachment inquiry in Washington. Yarmuth is an outspoken critic of the President. 

“I’ve been in favor of impeachment of this President for over 2 years now,” said Yarmuth. “My constituents know where I stand. I think the President presents a clear and present danger to the democracy of this country and needs to be removed.”

While Yarmuth isn’t holding his breath that Trump will actually be impeached, he believes the public needs to know what he’s done. 

“I’m hoping that it changes some minds. Ultimately, I don’t think there’s much chance of there being 67 votes in the Senate to expel the President,” said Yarmuth. “The country needs to hear the full extent of his offenses and the magnitude of those offenses as we move into an election year.”​