Changes Are on the Way

A cold front crosses our state today, and it’ll take our weather from “cloudy & muggy” to “less humid with sunshine” by this afternoon.  Unfortunately, not a lot of measurable rainfall will be squeezed out of this sytem. There could be some spotty showers for the southern half of the state, but rainfall estimates will be less than .10″ in most cases.  So, as this month winds down, many cities will set new records for driest Septembers on record (maybe even the overall driest month ever). Regardless, expect a comfy afternoon as clouds give way to sunnier conditions before it’s all said & done. Highs will hover in the low-mid 80s…cooler than yesterday. 

Overnight, expect beautiful weather with comfy/cool conditions in the low-mid 50s.  Enjoy it because the HEAT IS ON starting Friday afternoon.  The return of a “southerly wind” and an “upper level ridge of high pressure” building in will all lead to a series of 90° or higher days!  Friday, it all starts with highs hovering around 90°. Then, each afternoon could get a degree or two warmer through the middle of next week.  Record highs will be challenged…so get ready!

Until then, enjoy the rest of today & the comfy night ahead.