Louisville Teen Fighting to Stay on the Right Path

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – 16-year-old Aiden Parish says Abdul Jarvis, drastically helped change the direction of his life, through the art of boxing.

Jarvis is a former marine, turned boxing coach and trainer at Core Combat Sports in Louisville and has coached boxing and kickboxing for more than 20 years, developing 5 Golden Gloves champions and 2 world champions.

Aiden Parish is one of dozens of young adults training as an amateur fighter under the direction of Jarvis.

“It takes times. I get excited when I get people and I know they don’t know they don’t anything about boxing, but they come here with a willingness to learn and I show them what I know. Tell ‘em to train, scream at ‘em, profusely, and most of them get it,” says Jarvis.

“So I was fighting a lot especially with my brothers and I wasn’t in with the right group of friends and one day my mom said, sign me up for boxing and the first day I fell in love with it. Fell in love with the hard work and the main thing in boxing is you work hard, you’re going to be great. So that’s what I always think in my mind. So I just gotta work hard to be great,” adds Parish

Jarvis says discipline is the most important rule his tries to engrain into the minds of each person who wants to learn the art of boxing.

Aiden Parish says he’s lucky to have Adbul Jarvis in his corner helping him to navigate life while also providing discipline to his growing amateur fighting career.

In addition to boxing, Core Combat Sports offers classes in self-defense and strength conditioning.

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