Record Heat to Kick-Off October

September had record heat and record dry conditions.  Let’s hope October brings an improvement to the current drought, but the HEAT is surely dominating the start of this month. An upper level ridge of High Pressure continues to bring us unseasonably hot weather, and this pattern will remain dominant through Thursday.  Then, the upper ridge will break down…bringing cooler air behind a surface cold front by Friday. However, between now and then, expect record highs and dry conditions. 

Today: Highs in the Upper 90s…creating new records for most cities across the state.  Also, today’s highs will reach the highest temps ever recorded in the month of October for many cities…wow!  

Wednesday-Thursday, expect more record highs…but a cold front will cross on Thursday.  In its wake, BEAUTIFUL Fall-Like weather rolls in for Friday with highs in the seasonable 70s. 

A storm system will move in late Sunday into Monday, and it looks to bring us the best chances for rain that we’ve had in a while.  Stay tuned…