The Art Of A Trick Shot: College Friends Go Viral

LOUISVILLE, Ky – Earlier this month, a Kentucky college athlete attracted a national spotlight for the basketball trick shots he regularly makes with his buddies. It’s a social media dream come true, but he isn’t even on the team. 

Bellarmine University grad student Guy Williams and his friends are all on the track team and, between classes and practice, they spend up to four days a week in the gym filming new shot attempts. 

In November ESPN tweeted one of their recent creations and, while he won’t say exactly how much, Williams says he’s made thousands of dollars selling the rights to a wide range of videos to international websites. But some commenters claim he fakes his shots.

“It’s a respect thing, you know,” Williams said with a smile as he stood in the gym with a medicine ball under his arm; his latest prop. “That was so good you think that that’s fake. You think that some college kid has got the means to edit a ball into the sky.”

Though he’s created a fun side job, the communication major knows it’s certainly not enough to rest on his internet laurels. Williams says he’ll be on the hunt for a job when he graduates from Bellarmine in the spring.