Holiday Markets Help People Turn Passions into Careers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – At one antique business, the Bowed Board, you never know what you will find. Each item comes with a back story. For owner Timothy Cox, antique shopping is in his DNA.

“I come from a long line of antiquers in my family. I’ve been doing this really since I was nine years old with my mom and dad,” Cox said.

Four years ago, he decided to turn that passion into a career. That’s how Bowed Board was born. Now, a few years after he launched the business, Cox is still working on getting the brick and mortar store up and running. In the meantime, he said events like the Fleur de Flea Holiday Show in Louisville are key.

“The shows have been important for us to get our name out there. Not only is it about selling, it’s about promoting and marketing your business. We slowly over the years have gradually built up a good following of people,” Cox said.

From shopping for antiques in his free time to opening a business, Cox said the real joy comes from seeing others excited about his stuff.

“It’s a real joy to hook people up with the right thing,” Cox said.

It’s a joy Cox and other small business owners are able to spread thanks to antique shows, flea markets, craft fairs and the like because it brings exposure to the business that do not yet have a brick and mortar store.

Right now, the best way to keep up with Bowed Board is through the company’s Facebook page. Soon, customers will be able to shop at a brick and mortar location. But for now shoppers can use social media to keep track of when the business will be featured at area events.