Kentucky Kids Write Heartfelt Letters to Santa

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – People in the Commonwealth are shopping, shipping, and getting ready as the holidays draw closer.

Alisa Zanetti from the United States Postal Service said that this time of year is the busiest season for packages and parcels. USPS said they’ll process a staggering 13 billion letters and packages between Thanksgiving and New Years’.

But thousands of letters headed to one person – Santa Claus.

The letters come in all shapes and sizes. Some are written in crayon. Other letters are organized with check boxes, but almost all include some sort of artwork.

Most of the kids don’t miss an opportunity to remind Santa they’ve been good boys and girls this year.

“My favorite part is the experience of just pen to paper. It is authentic,” said Zanetti. “Writing to Santa about the joys that you’ve experienced this year and giving to others.

Zanetti adds that there’s another benefit to children. Writing a letter to Santa might be a child’s first time sending a letter through the mail and is a great educational tool.

“Kids learn the professional way to write to Santa,” she said. “It is a great project on learning how to write.”

Reminder about Postal Deadlines

Friday, December 20 is the deadline for First Class Mail.

Saturday, December 21 is the cutoff for Priority Mail.

Sunday, December 22 is the deadline for Priority Mail Express.

For people who have waited until the last minute, USPS does deliver on Christmas in certain cities. You will have to pay for a holiday surcharge.