A Tad Cooler, but It’s Still Unseasonably Hot

A cold front crossed the area yesterday, and it brought some lucky areas a little BRIEF much needed rain.  Now, slightly cooler air will move in on a NE wind…and highs will range 5° – 10° cooler than yesterday with upper 80s to low 90s.  Although there were some records tied/broken yesterday, it’s not likely for that to happen today.  Regardless, temps will remain unseasonaby hot by roughly 10 degrees… courtesy of an upper level ridge of high pressure.  The upper ridge won’t break down until the start of the weekend; so, expect above average highs near 90° the rest of the week. 

As for rain, the upper level ridge of High Pressure will also hinder a lot of rain development due to its sinking air. Therefore, continue watering your lawns.  The best chance for rain looks to be late Sunday into Monday as a cold front moves into the area.  We could get a few showers/storms affiliated with that system….stay tuned. 

Autumn (Fall) starts on Monday… and temps look to cool down closer to “average” by this date.