Attorney General Cameron Meets With Federal Prosecutors

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Attorney General Daniel Cameron is working with federal prosecutors to coordinate their law enforcement efforts.

Cameron met with U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman and others on Monday. They spoke about issues like elder abuse, child exploitation and corruption.

Cameron said he wants to give a give a voice to the voiceless.

“One of the ways that I think we can do that as we move into this next decade is looking out for the vulnerable populations that we have within our communities,” Cameron said. “So that means having an uptick, if you will, or a plus-up in those ways that we confront elder abuse, in the ways that we confront child abuse, so we worked and talked diligently this morning about how we can do that as we move forward.”

Coleman said his office hasn’t worked well with prior Attorneys General in the past, but that’s largely because federal prosecutors isolated themselves from their counterparts at the state level. He said that’s going to change with the new administration.