Family Welcomes Lexington’s First Baby of 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky – Kentucky’s second largest city welcomed it’s first baby into the world, just hours into the start of the new year.

Taylor Wright and Tyler Cramp are the proud new parents of 8lb, 13 oz, and 21 inches long, newborn baby boy Tildon Elias.

“I shedded a few tears. I’m nervous but I’m super excited and I’m ready for the new chapter. New year, New baby. It’s exciting,” says new dad Tyler.

The parents say their new bundle of joy was delivered at 3:38am on New Years Day. His actual due date is still 14 days away.

“My water broke a little after ten, we were here by eleven, because we came from Georgetown. They had everything in and going. When I got here I was already five to six centimeters dilated and then as soon as they had the epidural in, I was up to seven and then the next thing we knew I was at nine, and it was just on there from, I don’t know, it just went so fast, like, really, it was quick. Yeah, they were very surprised at how fast everything with it being my first baby. But he was ready,” explains new mom Taylor

And just a few short hours after the delivery, they say he’s healthy and already showing his first signs of personality.

“He’s very calm. Surprisingly. I expected him to be like, he was kinda crazy in the womb, so I kinda expected him to be a little wild, but he’s very calm and he soothes himself. He’s been a trooper. He’s been a good baby so far,” mentions Wright.

The parents hope to be discharged from Baptist Health hospital by this weekend.