Former Hemp Plantation Preserving Kentucky’s Living History

LOUISVILLE, Ky- Almost hidden by highways and modern subdivisions is a historic site telling Kentucky’s, “living history.”

Completed in 1816 the Farmington Historoic Plantation is part timecapsule and part living testiment. At it’s height the 550-acre hemp farm was owned and operated by the Speed family and maintained by as many as 70 enslaved African Americans.The plantation is on the National Registry of Historic Places and educates some 10,000 visitors every year.

As we enter a new year Executive Director Kathy Nichols hopes to reach even more people and tell an even richer account of what life was like on Farmington.

“If we lose the Farmington’s… we lose the tangible evidence of that history.” Nichols says her mission includes researching and telling a clearer history of slavery on the 19-Centery farm.

In fact, Nichols says descendants of an enslaved family on Farmington have been involved with telling that history, “In the case of David and Martha Spencer, their descendants have been involved in Farmington for at least 20 years now and we are incredibly lucky they continue to be involved,” Nichol’s tells Spectrum News 1.

You can book a tour and find more information on their website.