TSA Prepares Kentucky Travelers for REAL ID Rollout

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – With the new year, will come the enforcement of a new federal law for REAL IDs. REAL IDs, or voluntary travel IDs, will be required to board even domestic flights come October. The licenses are meant to be more secure, and will require more documentation from an applicant in order to prove that person’s identity, to prevent fraud. However, not all Kentucky counties are offering the new licenses yet. It’s frustrating to the travelers who are trying to be prepared. 

Lines at airports could grow longer, this October, if passengers are caught unaware of the ID law change. They will be unable to board a flight without a REAL ID or another form of identification, like a passport. That’s one reason the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is getting the word out of the change. Signs are posted at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport. 

A sign reads, “Will your Kentucky license fly?” 

The Harts want to get one of the new voluntary IDs. 

“Yes, we want one!” says Janet Hart, “we don’t have a passport or anything!”

However, Janet and Don Hart live in Jefferson County, where the IDS are not yet available. So far, they’ve been made available to Kentuckians living in Anderson, Fayette, Franklin, Henry, Owen, Scott, Shelby, and Woodford counties. So, the reminder they see at the airport can be frustrating: “I’ve been waiting and waiting and every time I’ve gone to get my license or they say it’s coming in, I call and they say ‘no we don’t have it’,” says Janet Hart. 

The state has promised to continue to expand on the number of counties where the IDs are being offered, ahead of October. 

Until then, TSA asks for patience. They explain, the law change is happening for a security reason. 

“Everything that we have is tied to something that has happened or something that we have real world intelligence on. Having to take your shoes off…is rooted to the shoe bomb plot. So, they’re not arbitrary. It’s really to make sure that everybody gets from Point A to Point B,” TSA Regional Spokesman Mark Howell said. 

The state has included information online, on what documents people will have to take with them in order to get the new IDs.