Food Banks and Community Centers Need Help All Year Long

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The last few days before a new food shipment and the shelves are pretty bare at Neighborhood House in Louisville.

It’s not an unusual sight but some months are better than others.

The holiday season offered an overflow.

“We love it. It’s a wonderful time of year around here. It’s just that then January comes and the needs of our families haven’t gone away,” Executive Director Jennie Jean Davidson said. 

Thankfully though Dare to Care arrives just as the requests start to pick up.

Boxes from the organization filled with food that so many families depend on just to make it day-to-day.

“The families in our community who are struggling are struggling all year round and that they are worried about what their kids are going to have for dinner or how they are going to get to work if their car breaks it down or how they are going to keep a roof over their heads and those needs don’t go away when the holiday season passes,” Davidson said. 

It’s a feeling Lucy Johnson empathizes with.

She spends most days at Neighborhood House volunteering and also donates food.

“I’m blessed that I can afford to help someone that needs it. I think that if I do that that I’m blessing them they are going to bless someone else,” Johnson said

She knows hunger pangs are something some people deal with 365 days a year.

“No matter what month, day, year, or holiday, everybody needs food and it’s no use if everybody donates. There won’t be anyone hungry in Kentucky in Louisville,” Johnson said. 

And giving doesn’t always have to mean showing up to a food bank with canned goods.

Organizations like Dare to Care do best with actual food donations but for places like Neighborhood House with numerous programs, monetary donations work best.

“So we have a lot going on and a little bit goes a long way when you are serving families in our part of town,” Davidson said.