Kentucky Neighborhood Policing Strategy Uses Doorbell Cameras

OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. – That tiny camera mounted onto your doorbell could help police solve crime, according to officers in Oldham County.

The Oldham County Police Department rolled-out a new initiative to get citizens to allow them “extra eyes” on the streets, through the use of neighbors’ doorbell camera footage. Some neighbors are supportive, and feel it’s been a largely untapped resource so far. 

Assistant Police Chief Neil Johnson says community policing isn’t what it used to be, that people don’t interact as much or are away from their homes for longer. 

“There’s probably not gonna be anyone around that’s gonna be a witness for us, where this security system is going to be,” Johnson explains video cameras can be the artificial witness. 

Johnson clarifies, police in Oldham County aren’t trying to act as “Big Brother;” they won’t be able to remotely access any camera, and will only be able to see footage that’s offered them. You can learn more or register to be part of their program on their website