Drying Out And Cooling Off Into Sunday

Wind gusts over 50 mph were felt around the state Saturday with even stronger gusts associated with storms at times.  There were several reports of wind damage around the state as well, which can be seen on the storm reports map above.  A lot of locations experienced record-high temperatures early in the day before the storms arrived.  

Expect a much quieter day on Sunday with dry conditions returning to the Commonwealth.  Winds will be much lighter, likely staying below 10 mph all day long.  Clouds will be a bit stubborn early in the day, but will likely break apart gradually throughout the day.  Afternoon highs will top out in the upper 40s to lower 50s. 

We’ll gradually warm up early next week with highs near 60 degrees by Tuesday.  A few showers will be possible across the southern half of the state late Tuesday, with a better chance of rain for the entire Commonwealth on Wednesday.