Northern Kentucky Veteran Groups Raise Funds to Expand Memorial

COVINGTON, Ky. – Multiple groups in Northern Kentucky are working together to relocate a Vietnam War Memorial.

The current memorial in Covington is tucked away behind a baseball field and not easily accessible for visitors said organizers with the VFW Post 6095.

“I know about 10 people on there,” said Denny Madden, member of the VFW Auxiliary Post 6095 as he reads the names etched on the plaque.

Madden said he wasn’t able to enlist but says those who did should be honored.

“You surely want to commemorate them guys. And anybody that served whether they are on this plaque or if they’re walking around. To be able to be and come and visit this memorial,” Madden said.

Visiting the memorial in Covington isn’t easy. 

“This area right here where the drainage ditch is is notorious for flooding. You can see the remnants from the tree over here where it’s flooded,” said James Toebbe, VFW Post Commander 6095.

It poses a huge obstacle. 

“Anybody, especially the Vietnam generation getting older, anybody with walking disabilities or being in a wheelchair, this is completely inaccessible for them not to mention the gate and everything else with that,” Toebbe said.

The memorial is tucked away behind a baseball field and as a result has become invisible in the community. 

“Unless there’s a baseball game going on this gate remains locked entirely,” Toebbe said.

Veteran organizations in the area are taking action. Including the VFW Post 6095, the VFW  Auxiliary and the American Legion Post 203 are raising funds break ground on a new site in Latonia. Organizers said the project has been under works for two years and seen delays primarily because they’re struggling to have enough funds.

“Important to me because these people that gave it all need to be recognized and be in a place where people can walk up and see it,” Madden said.

Groundbreaking for the new memorial site is scheduled for next month. Organizers said they need $10,000 more to complete the project.

Call Denny Madden if you would like to donate to their cause: 859-802-1286.