Boone County Declares Itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary County

BURLINGTON, Ky. –  Counties across Kentucky are banding together to make a statement.

“It’s a message to our state legislators, to our governor and federal representatives that we are a conservative second amendment sanctuary county,” said Judge-Executive Gary Moore of Boone County.

Boone County unanimously passed a resolution declaring their county as a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Moore said the first county to pass the resolution was Harlan County back on December 17, 2019.

“I’ve talked with the Harlan County Judge-Executive and he shared with me it was because of the actions that were taken place in Virginia that they all began to look at this resolution,” Moore said. 

That sparked a movement that has since trickled across the state. 

Those in attendance at the Boone County fiscal court meeting voiced the positions. 

“As a Kentuckian, this is my way of life. This is the things I enjoy as an American. It’s our Second Amendment right. I hold the Constitution very near and dear to my heart and with the utmost standard. it’s an important part of my life,” said Jerome Palmer, a resident. 

Moore said declaring the county as a Second Amendment Sanctuary established their position.

Meaning should any gun laws be filed, those counties declared as a Second Amendment Sanctuary may not enforce laws they deem unconstitutional. 

“County governments in Kentucky do not have the authority to actually pass a law that says you can and can’t do this with your weapon. Those are restricted to state and federal government. so ours is a statement of support,” Moore said.

A majority of Boone County residents in attendance favored the statement. 

More than 60 counties have passed a similar resolution. ​