Four Tornadoes Hit Kentucky Last Saturday

On Saturday, storms rolled across Kentucky with damaging winds and also spawned tornadoes. In total, four tornadoes hit Kentucky and were confined to the southwest portion of the state.

Three of the tornadoes were EF-1 strength packing winds of 95-105 mph.

The first tornado was near Hopkinsville with a path length of 2.5 miles. The tornado brought down several trees. One barn received some partial damage to its roof.

Another tornado touched down near Pembroke and had a path length of 11 miles. Trees were uprooted and snapped along the path. Several barns were damaged or destroyed including one that had its roof thrown several hundred yards into trees. Power lines were downed and 13 empty rail cars were tipped over along the path. A couple of homes received some minor damage.

The third EF-1 tornado impacted Trigg County. The tornado touched down in the Redd Hollow area west of the Trace in LBL. Damage continued to just south of the Wranglers Campground. The tornado could have crossed into Lake Barkley and Donaldson Creek, but no evidence was found further east. The heaviest area of damage was south of Wranglers Campground, where many dozens of trees were snapped and uprooted. Just south of the track a microburst occurred where many trees were snapped and uprooted.

Yet another tornado hit Trigg County. This one was an EF-0 with 85 mph winds. The tornado touched down just east of Blue Spring and tracked eastward just north of Blue Spring Road. It continued east northeast to just southwest of Cadiz. Several trees were snapped and or uprooted. There were several homes with minor roof damage and one that had moderate roof damage. One metal building had its garage door blown in. A large branch fell on a vehicle at one residence. A carport was shifted off its supports.

All information provided by the National Weather Service.