World’s Largest Pocketknife Aims to Boost Radcliff Tourism

RADCLIFF, Ky. — A quest for a Guinness World Record is putting a Hardin County business on the map. 

Brian Ray, from Shepherdsville, made the quick drive to Radcliff to shop at Red Hill Cutlery for the first time.

“A friend of mine saw it on Facebook. I’m a connoisseur of knives. I’ve had knives all my life. We thought we’d come check it out,” Ray said.

While Ray is a Kentucky native, this store sees customers from all over the world. While the pocketknives are a draw, it’s what is outside the store that brings people in.

Visible from KY 313, a large sign outside Red Hill Cutlery is actually a functioning pocketknife.

“It’s two pieces of steel. It has a back spring. That’s a complete working pocketknife,” Red Hill Cutlery VP Jason Basham said.

With a 17.5 ft blade and 20 ft handle, this 6,000 lb pocketknife beats out the current Guinness World Record for Largest Pocketknife. Red Hill Cutlery is just waiting on the paperwork to finalize it.

“Getting the world record would give us a sign off I-65. It gives people an opportunity to see that and say ‘oh, let’s pull off and see the World’s Largest Pocketknife,'” Basham said.

This new wave of attention the business is getting on social media adds to an attraction the store already offers. Customers can walk through the Kentucky Museum of American Pocketknives located in the store to explore generations worth of collections.

“We tried to create a destination. We don’t just want it to be a store. We want it to be an experience,” Basham said.

These attractions are what catches the attention of customers.

“It’s an attraction. It’s something new to the community,” Ray said.

By going for the Guinness World Record, the goal is to highlight all else that Radcliff has to offer.

“Let’s reinvest in a city that’s invested in us. My family has been in business here for 58 years. The city of Radcliff, local tourism, and everybody has been great to my family,” Basham said.

The World’s Largest Pocketknife is already up for all to see at the store located at 92 Bourbon Trace off KY 313 in Radcliff. Red Hill Cutlery has been filling out the paperwork for the Guinness World Record. Basham said that it should be finalized soon.