The Way We Currently Vote Could Be History

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Senate has passed its first bill of the 2020 General Assembly Session.

Senate Bill 3 gained approval with a vote of 31-3.

The bill would put a constitutional amendment on the 2020 ballot for voters to decide if they want to do away with electing statewide officers in even-numbered years, instead of moving it to presidential years.

Bill sponsor Sen. Chris McDaniel, R-Taylor Mill, says this could save money.

“It saves money at the commonwealth and the county level,” he said. “And it’s very simply a good government measure.”

Lexington Democrat Sen. Reggie Thomas, one of the no votes, argued while it may cost more money to keep the elections where they are, it’s worth it.

“We’re voting on people who are going to take the interest of Kentucky at heart,” he said. “We’re not going to be influenced by any other election other than those people who are interested in serving the people of Kentucky, for Kentuckians sake and dealing with Kentucky issues.”

Senate Bill 11, sponsored by Sen. John Schickel, R-Union, also gained Senate approval. The measure would allow residents to be charged with criminal mischief if they intentionally damage a rental property. That measure passed 29-5.

Both bills now head to the House.