Kentucky Students Launch “Coin War” To Reduce Lunch Debt Of Peers

RADCLIFF, Ky. – School lunches are crucial to keeping young minds fueled, but when students don’t have enough funds in their school account, they can create debt. One group of Kentucky seniors worked this week to help their friends in need.

A few seniors at North Hardin High School set up a coin war table, encouraging students to donate money and compete against the other grades. In the process, they hope to knock down a small portion of debt owed by others totaling $3,300 and growing.

“On the first day I was kind of surprised because we made almost $27,” Senior organizer Nichole Delawrence said. “Meeting new people, knowing that the school; teachers, classmates, peers, they all want to participate; they all want to help make a change.”

North Hardin’s youth resource coordinator, Leslie Hall, says they accept donations and would love to take your phone calls if you’d like to help. The number to reach their office is: 270-351-2862.