Proposed Kentucky Bill Would Give Students Easier Access to Emergency Numbers

FRANKFORT, Ky- A student ID is life line for most students. It’s how they purchase food, check out books, or even enter their dorm room. Soon they could include some emergency numbers 

Kentucky State Senator (D-Louisville) Denise Harper Angel filed a bill that would require schools to print life-saving hotline information on student ID’s.

“I think it’s important that if those numbers those crisis intervention numbers are right at the hands of these young people that are facing troubles or trials on a daily basis then we might just save some lives so i think it’s very important legislation that’s getting very good support from a lot of different folks: Kentucky Youth Advocates, University of Louisville, Kentucky School of Social Workers. So, I think it’s just going to fly through and i think it’s very important ,” Senator Harper Angel said. 

The bill would require grade six through twelve and all Kentucky university ID’s to include numbers for suicide prevention, sexual assault and domestic violence. 

The University of Louisville says it’s all about accessibility. 

“The usefulness of these service is that they are going to provide support. If somebody is currently in a situation that is unhealthy or something, there has been a domestic violence incident, or someone is not feeling well, or is thinking about hurting themselves, or someone else, there is a resource they can contact to get some support and get some help right in that moment. These are 24/7 services. There is no issue about where you are located, or what time it is, so I think having something like that is always important. At the University of Louisville, we are definitely committed to making sure students are not only aware of those resources, but they know how to access them. Whether that means through their phones, or if it’s online, or if they are coming to see us. We are providing those extra resources to them that’s the thing we want to make sure we are doing for students,” Director of Psychology Aesha Uqdah said. 

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention suicide is the second leading cause of death for Kentuckians age 15 to 34.