Bluegrass Sportsplex Offers Elizabethtown Athletes a Place to Train During the Cold Winter Months

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. – Athletes in Elizabethtown now have somewhere to practice and compete during the cold winter months.

Bluegrass Sportsplex, a 103,000-square-foot facility, offers courts that can be used for basketball, volleyball, pickleball and more. It also has turf fields that can be used for soccer, lacrosse and football. Bluegrass Sportsplex is also working on installing batting cages.

Before the grand opening on Jan. 11, there was nothing like this in Elizabethown. There is the Elizabethtown Sports Park, but that venue is all outdoors.

“We wanted to be a compliment to that. Being able to offer indoor sports throughout the winter sessions is huge,” Bluegrass Sportsplex general manager Brian Reesor said.

Before this opened, parents were often making the drive to Louisville and other cities so their kids could compete. Posted up inside the Bluegrass Sportsplex on a cold and rainy day, Dewayne Gibson said this is much nicer than having to drive an hour away for his daughter to play volleyball.

“This provides an opportunity for other teams, instead of us driving to them, they’re driving to us,” Gibson said.

With kids having an opportunity to play right there in town, Reesor hopes this will help foster local talent.

“We wanted to do something here locally to be a resource for the community,” Reesor said.

The Bluegrass Sportsplex has league play going on. There is information on how to sign up on the facility’s website.