Students Bring the Past Back to Life for KSP

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — The Kentucky State Police issued a challenge to the students of South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College. Take a piece of the past and make it relevant for today. 

The piece of the past they were given, a 1978 Ford LTD police cruiser.

Students were tasked with rebuilding the car as part of the collision repair class offered at SKYCTC.

“We love to do things for the community. Especially helping out our officers and the police department that we have great respect for and it was just a great opportunity for us to do that so we took it in as a project for the students to work on,” said Jon Hunt, the collision repair professor.

Between sanding, painting, and bodywork, it took more than twenty students two years to complete the rebuild. 

One of the students involved was Dalton Collins. “If someone didn’t know something then you could show them, or if you needed help with something then they could show you, so the teamwork was a big big factor.” 

The feedback from the officers and the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Hunt said, “On their way home, they stopped and filled it up with fuel and had several people approach them about how cool the car was. It was like a little time warp, it was really neat, it was really neat.”

The cruiser is now stationed at the KSP Post in Frankfort. It will make appearances at statewide events such as the Kentucky State Fair.