Daniel Cameron Supports Down Syndrome Abortion Ban

FRANKFORT, Ky. —  Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron has signed on in support of a down syndrome abortion ban.

The Republican joined an amicus brief with 16 other states in the U.S. District Court of Appeals urging the court to uphold an Ohio law banning abortions where a doctor knows the women are seeking it because a test revealed the unborn would have Down syndrome. A three-judge panel struck down the law as unconstitutional but now the full panel has agreed to rehear the case.

The amicus brief argues seeking abortions due to disability is discriminatory and “promotes harmful eugenic goals”.

The brief goes on to say this type of abortion can create the potential for abortion to become “a tool of eugenic manipulation” and therefore is not protected under the ruling of Roe v. Wade or Planned Parenthood of Se. Pa. v. Casey.

“The Supreme Court had never extended the holding of Roe or Casey to apply when a woman is willing to bear a child but wishes to terminate her pregnancy because she finds a particular child unacceptable,” the brief reads.

During the 2019 General Assembly passed House Bill 5, which bans abortion based upon race, sex or perceived disability. Kentucky’s law is currently on hold by Federal Court, and Cameron says the ruling on Ohio’s bill could have “broad implications” on Kentucky’s law.

The brief can be found here.