Some demand the NBA cancel games Sunday after death of Kobe Bryant

After Sunday’s tragic helicopter accident that lead to the shocking death of basketball star Kobe Bryant, there were calls online for the NBA to go ahead and cancel the rest of Sunday’s games in light of the horrible news. 

Rockets and Nuggets players were seen bowing their heads in respect on NBA TV for the retired NBA star and those on board the downed helicopter. 

Reports that Bryant’s helicopter went down with 4 others on board near Calabasas, California, were confirmed later Sunday. There were no survivors. 

MSNBC host Keith Olberman urged the NBA to cancel all games Sunday afternoon and night out of respect for Bryant and others who died in the crash. 

Olbermann said in a follow up tweet, “Don’t overthink this. There will, sadly, be memorials for the rest of our lives. History is unanimous: all that playing tonight will do is foster resentment and regret that will never be erased. Cancel these games.” 

L.A.-based sports writer Sam Vecenie echoed that sentiment calling on the NBA to nix Sunday games as a matter of respect after such tragic news. Vecenie wrote, “can’t imagine a lot of these guys who have had experiences with Kobe would want to play right now.”

Anchors on NBA TV reportedly eluded to the possibly that games could be canceled, confusing some viewers, but as of Sunday afternoon there was no confirmation that the NBA would cancel Sunday games. 

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