The Kentucky Castle Searching for New Investors

VERSAILLES, Ky. – The Kentucky Castle has been a staple in Woodford County since it was first built back in 1-69.

Today, it operates as a bed and breakfast venue that also hosts special events, weddings and it even has a farm to table restaurant that is fully operational, seven days a week.

“Yeah it’s it’s a it’s a great property. We have 60,000 cars a day going by,” says co-owner Matt Dawson

Dawson says the owners have spent over two million dollars to renovate the castle and now they are searching for a new partner with experience in the hospitality industry to join them in operating the castle that can be seen sitting on the Woodford-Fayette county line.

“We’ve put our heart and soul and a lot of cash into it, to be honest and, one of the things i’m most proud of is the expansion of the farm. Kentucky does a lot of farming and produces a lot of food and we want to highlight that. So, we have really amazing lavender gardens in the front and the back. We produce during the growing season about 80 to 85 percent of the food for the restaurant on site. We have a really big organic garden. We have goats, chickens, sheep, and apiary with our beehives producing honey for the restaurant and truffle orchard on the northeast corner. So the farming part is what I’ve been most excited about an expansion and there’s actually honestly a lot more that we could do with the farm in the future,” explains Dawson.

In addition to be part owner of this iconic Woodford County landmark, Dawson is a practicing physician and says while he and his co-owners have no interest in selling the castle, they do want to find an additional partner, who not only wants to invest in the property, but also the community.

“To us, the most important thing is the person. We didn’t put a price on this. We’re just looking for a really good partner and we’re flexible on how we find the partner,” adds Dawson.

We’re really committed to the community the castle does a lot of things for the community. We want to make sure whoever we partner with has those same values shares those values and wants to make this something that’s still for Kentucky, for the community and it’s still a light on the hill,” says Dawson.

Starting in March, the owners will formally start accepting offers and hope to select a new partner by the end of that month.

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