Bold Shapes and Colors Highlight 2020 Kentucky Derby Festival Poster

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — We are 80 days from the official kick-off of the Kentucky Derby Festival and that means everything is gearing up. Wednesday, the first official KDF 2020 poster rolled off the presses at Derby City Litho.

“Pegasus in Bloom” is a bold, colorful representation of the festival courtesy of artist Casey McKinney.

“The inspiration for Pegasus in Bloom comes from the energy and the vibrancy of our city during the Derby Festival,” said McKinney. “There is a buzz throughout the city and level of excitement that can’t be found any other time of the year. That’s what makes our city special, unlike any other place in the world.”

McKinney is a Louisville artist with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Kentucky.  His work is known throughout the Commonwealth. Some of his recognizable pieces include the Henry Clay mural in Lexington and murals for the Forecastle Festival. He works from a home studio and when he’s not painting murals, he likes painting skateboard decks.  If you are interested in seeing his other creations, you can check out his website. 

“Casey’s painting style has a contemporary feel and broad appeal, which we love and think Festival fans will too,” said Jennifer Morgan, Kentucky Derby Festival Merchandising Manager. “His unique use of bold colors and shapes also captures the spirit of the Derby Festival every spring.”

The poster featuring a racing pegasus, colorful flowers, and fireworks, officially goes on sale on March 5. However for one week, January 29 through February 5, Festival fans can pre-order the 2020 Limited Edition or Official Poster at a @5% discount and $5 shipping.  The Limited Edition which is signed and numbered normally sells for $75 and the poster normally sells for $30.  You can pre-order either here. 

Kentucky Derby Festival fans will be able to see all the posters and merchandise for this year’s Festival at “Festival Unveiled” on March 5, 2020, at the Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center. Tickets are $40 and go on sale January 31 at