New App Offers Easy Help for Non-Emergency Situations

GEORGETOWN, Ky. — A new phone app called “Relay: Neighborhood Safety” is allowing residents in Georgetown to report non-emergency situations to police officers on duty.

Once someone downloads the app, they can send a picture with a description of the incident directly to an officer. The report goes straight to their laptops in the police vehicles and an officer close by can respond.

Through the app you can track the resolving of the incident and get a response back from the officer explaining what happened.

“If This is a non-emergency incident, and you want to get that information directly to a police officer instead of sending it via Facebook, why don’t you just use the relay app and send that directly to us.” Assistant Chief Robert Swanigan said.

Georgetown Police Department is doing a six month trial run of the app. Once the six months are over, they will review the process and decide if they will continue using Relay. As of right now, they have had great responses from the app and it is doing exactly what the police department expected.

“The fact that I can report something without having to call 911 in a non-emergency situation or not even an emergency at all, just a suspicious situation. I think it would be a good app to use.” A resident of Georgetown, Katrina McLean said.

You can download the app, Relay: Neighborhood Safety from your app store or Google play.