Successfully Strange: Kentucky Curiosities You Have to See

PENDLETON, Ky. —  It’s fitting to say what Kenny Parason is creating in his remote Oldham County cabin is “odd” or “strange.” 

It’s also appropriate to use the word, “successful.” 

Parson is a taxidermist by trade and for nearly 20 years he sold traditional mounts. 

Even his living room wall is adorned with stuffed bears, deer, coyotes, and other critters but for the past decade, Parson has been making living selling mounts that are a little untraditional.

“We have two-head ducks,” Parson begins. “This is a Jackson’s Chameleon,” he adds. 

Parson freeze-dries his smallest offerings but they get bigger, much bigger. 

“This is a crazy looking dude,” as Parson tours his small workshop. 

The 49-year-old is creating fascinating pieces ranging from the whimsical to the downright scary. At times it’s difficult to explain what you’re looking at but what is clear is Parson has found a market for his work. To scroll through his silly, creepy and terrifying work you can look at his Facebook page  and his Instagram page