KDF Pegasus Pin Arriving Soon

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — For 48 of the 65 years of the Kentucky Derby Festival, the Pegasus Pin has been an important part of the Festival.  KDF released the first images of the 2020 pin which features a silver pegasus and the skyline of Louisville and this year’s theme “Live it Up.”



The pins go on sale to the public in March and will be sold for $6 each.

“You can’t lose with the purchase of a Pegasus Pin,” said Matt Gibson, President, and CEO of the Kentucky Derby Festival. “They are a tremendous value providing free admission into more than half of the Festival’s events, and any 2020 plastic pin could make you a Grand Prize winner.”

Everyone who buys a Pegasus Pin will have the chance to register to win one of the Festival’s Grand Prizes.  You just need to register via the KDF app, which is found in your favorite app store, or you can always register on the website. 

Another exciting addition to this year’s pin fun is a partnership with Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. The Main Street distiller will be doing special edition Evan Williams Single Barrel bottles to celebrate the 48th edition of the Pegasus Pin and the 65th Kentucky Derby Festival.  Each bottle will have a Gold Pegasus Pin sealed in wax on the neck of each bottle. 

In 1973, the Pegasus Pins were a way to bring awareness to the Derby Festival. Back then, only 10,000 pins were made. Today, the 1973 pin is valued at $800-$1,000. Since that time, the pins have become one of the main fundraising sources for KDF events. Now more than 250,000 pins are made each year.

You’ll be able to find the pins at thousands of locations around the city including grocery stores, gas stations, banks, and other stores.  Fans can also order them online. Children 6 and under aren’t required to have a Pegasus Pin for admission to Festival events.