Once Homeless, Two Kentucky Women are Now Giving Back

GEORGETOWN, Ky. — Two Kentucky women who were once homeless are now giving back to the people living on the streets in Scott County through Blessing Bags.

The idea came about when Kara Sloan and Michelle Porter experienced homelessness and wanted to help others who were in their situation. Sloan, fortunately, had enough money to purchase basic necessities for herself but she knows that some people are not as lucky. 

The Blessing Bags contain basic necessities that anyone would need on a daily basis such as  deodorant, toothbrushes, and hair products. They also created three different types of bags for all genders and ages.

When starting their group on Facebook their goal was to put together 200 bags total for the year. After just a month of accepting donations, they believe they will be able to make up to 500 bags just for the month of January. 

In addition to having a day of packing where group members come together to pack all the bags and help distribute them in and around the county, they will also hold Saturday lunches once a month to bring new ideas to the table and to keep each other updated with the progress.

If you would like to help, you can follow their Facebook page Blessing Bags for The Bluegrass for more information.