Coronavirus Task Force Briefing

WASHINGTON, DC — President Donald Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force briefed the nation Thursday.  Here are the highlights from the briefing.

  • Donald Trump talked about drugs that may be re-purposed to treat Coronavirus, including Hydroxychloroquine, now used to treat Malaria, and the anti-viral Remdesivir, adding Governor Cuomo wants New York to be “first in line” for the possible treatment.
  • He said the FDA would “slash red tape” to get drugs in use abroad approved for compassionate use, under the “Right to Try” law.
  • He talked about signing the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act, saying it provides critical support for families and small businesses, testing and food support, and promised more help is on the way.
  • He clarified that, although he signed the Defense Production Act, which would order mass manufacturing of products like much-needed ventilators and masks, it would only be used “if necessary”.
  • Trump once again referred to COVID-19 as the “Chinese Virus” and said it could have been stopped “where it came from” if China had made it known.
  • V.P. Mike Pence said a new initiative with private companies would mean tens of millions of N-95 masks will soon be available.