Dare To Care Food Bank in Louisville Needs Volunteers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Dare To Care in Louisville distributes food to over 250 partner agencies that help feed people in need. They can do that with the help of volunteers and amid COVID-19 the organization needs more of what they call Hunger Heroes.

“We think anyone who is able to give back in a time in need is a hero in our eyes,” said Chief Programs Officer, Annette Ball.

Anyone age 14 and up can volunteer at the distribution warehouse, which holds up to two million pounds of food. The organization also matches volunteers with over 250 partner agencies that give out the food that Dare to Care distributes.

“As we progress through this time, the longer that we are all isolated and staying in is really going to impact the demand that we see so we are trying to be prepared with bringing volunteers into pack boxes of food, just really trying to meet the needs of our community as that flexes,” Ball told Spectrum News 1. 

Last week, Dare to Care had 86 people volunteer 214 hours to create 3600 food boxes. That’s the task the majority of volunteers will do because food boxes packed now by volunteers helps ensure there is enough food ready to go in case the number of volunteers decreases in the future. Dare to Care is also looking for specialty certifications.

“As this virus evolves, as other people become infected, we are not 100 percent on what our volunteer needs are going to be. And that’s why we are encouraging those who may have a specific talent, such as using a forklift, to reach out to us and let us know what that talent is. So that in the future, if we have a need for that, we can pair you up with the right volunteer opportunity,” Ball said.

There are only 10 volunteers per shift and they are kept at least six feet apart. Other precautions are also being taken.

“We are instituting a new policy that when people come here they are going to get their temperature taken to ensure that people aren’t running a fever when they arrive at the building,” Ball said.

A healthy supply of volunteers ensures food is delivered to the community. If you’re interested in volunteer, you can sign-up here (https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040848afa82ea2fa7-dare).

If you’re not able to volunteer at this time, Dare to Care says a $1 donation can feed three people. Donations can be made here 

If you need food assistance, this is a list of resources, including a link with locations, or you can call 502-966-3821.