Last Minute Shoppers Flock to Stores

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Retail stores deemed “non-essential” by Governor Andy Beshear prepared to close for an unknown amount of time Monday.

At Academy Sports on Shelbyville Road in Louisville, a line formed along the front of the building, as staff could be heard announcing to shoppers that only 25 were allowed inside at a time. Camping items, a canoe, and a child’s bike were all carried out of the store while we were there, but many we heard speaking were in line to buy ammunition. We met Kyle in the parking lot, who went to get ammo for his friend and quickly turned around once he saw the line.

“I’m gonna tell him, ‘Tough luck; I didn’t feel like waiting in line this long,’” he laughed. “I was just swinging through – being bored – and I figured I’d try and help him out.” 

Kyle’s good mood might partially be explained because he said he was a “prepper,” owning a sufficient stockpile of ammunition and frozen food, he judges, to wait out any disaster.

The list of forced closures includes entertainment, sporting goods, auto dealers, and clothing stores, among others. In his Sunday address, Beshear said there was no need to rush to stores remaining open, stating, “There’s going to be enough essentials for everybody.”