Sen. Rand Paul Calls for Fiscal Responsibility Amid Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Kentucky’s junior Senator Rand Paul says the government’s response to the COIVD-19 pandemic should be “short-lived, temporary and cause as little distortion to the free market economy as possible.”

Paul made the comments as part of his remarks on the Senate floor Wednesday after introducing an amendment to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. 

“I ask my colleagues to stop wasting money in this time of crisis. Stop being a rubber stamp for wasteful spending. Do your jobs and prioritize our precious resources. It is our job and our responsibility to conserve these resources,” said Paul. 

His amendment called for adding several unrelated provisions onto the coronavirus relief bill including requiring a social security number for the child tax credit, giving the President authority to transfer funds as necessary and ending the war in Afghanistan.

The amendment failed 95 to 3. 

Paul also introduced a bill this week aimed to speed up testing for COVID-19. The Verified Innovative Testing in American Laboratories Act of 2020 would reduce regulations Paul argues have slowed down the response to the pandemic.

“Government rules stopping anyone or anything from helping must be repealed now,” he tweeted.