Trump Briefs Nations, Postpones Real ID Deadline

WASHINGTON, DC —  At today’s briefing, Donald Trump said the federal government has obtained large quantities of Hydroxychloroquine which will be distributed in New York for clinical trials beginning early tomorrow.

  • He says there will be 10,000 units which will be distributed to “a lot of people in New York City”.
  • He called Hydroxychloroquine “a gift from God” and a “game-changer” and said there is very little semblance of the virus in countries where malaria is prevalent, and this drug is used. He said vaccines are “coming along quickly”.
  • Trump said it is very important to protect the Asian community, whom he called “good people”, and said the virus is not their fault. This, despite his insistence on calling it the “Chinese Virus”.
  • He said FEMA is distributing eight million N95 masks and 13 million surgical masks, with many going to New York and Washington State.
  • Trump said American will soon be “open for business”, saying it will be much sooner than the three or four months he’s heard some people mention.
  • He reiterated his statement that he’s “not gonna let the cure be worse than the problem”. He says a decision will be made at the end of the 15 days.
  • He urged Congress to work on a relief bill in a bipartisan way, saying this is “not a time for political agendas”.
  • The federal government is postponing the deadline for compliance with Real I.D. requirements.