University of Kentucky Releases Coronavirus Testing Results

LEXINGTON, Ky. — During a news conference Monday afternoon, doctors at UK Healthcare revealed that over 900 people in Kentucky have been tested for the coronavirus at different UK hospitals and outpatient facilities across the state, since March 6th.

Out of the 900 test kits, the University reports 17 people were confirmed to have positive cases of the virus.

The University also reports that four people have been admitted to UK Hospital as patients for care and two are still receiving treatment at this time.

“What I can confidently say is that we have sufficient capacity to test all of the patients in our outpatient clinic, our inpatients and our emergency room here at UK. Basically, our motto is the right test for the right patient at the right time. And I think that we certainly can meet that for our UK patients,“ says Dr. Daryl Jennings Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UK Healthcare

The university says the two patients who are being treated right now at UK hospital for COVID-19 are currently listed in fair condition.